Video Games

Push Your Family (2021)

Music, Sound Design, Implementation

Now Available on Steam

"Push Your Family is a physics-based party game with wacky family members and slapstick like humor. Push each other in one of the interactive battlegrounds and be the last to survive or work together like only a family can in a road trip co-op adventure!"

Project: Exhibited (2020)

Audio Lead & Implementation

Now Available on Steam

"A thrilling first-person action-stealth game. Play as Dana, the inventor thief and use your gadgets to fulfill your task; retrieving a special artefact from a private art collection in a mysterious palazzo."

Game Builder (2018)


Google Article


"Build and play games with your friends! Make a 3D platformer in 10 minutes, or spend hours jamming on the next indie hit. Game Builder is designed for all skill levels, from players ready to build their first game to designers looking for a faster way to realize their ideas."

Transmogrify (2020)

Music & Sound Design

Wishlist now on Steam

"Suit up in this sci-fi platformer where you turn enemies into objects and use them to solve puzzles.
Transmogrify's gameplay is a blend of solving puzzles, platforming action, and exploring an immersive facility. Each enemy turns into a different object with their own purposes."

Unscrewed (2019)

Music, Sound Design, Implementation

Play the Game


"Unscrewed is a fast paced cat-and-mouse game. The game won 1st prize at the Global Game Jam 2018 at Breda University."

Möbler (2020)

Music & Sound Design

Now Available on Steam


"Play as Birdo in this infinite platformer. Jump on the falling furniture to reach new heights, but don't get squashed or eaten by the monster!"


Triple Frontier

Composer's Assistant


Miscellaneous Fun

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